Bbedbugsedbugs are an increasing problem in the UK and are particularly hard to treat. Despite common belief bed bugs aren’t just found in beds but can be found in any furniture whether it is made of wood or fabric. Bed bugs get passed through areas of high traffic sometimes through clothes, second hand furniture, bags etc. Once in your home they generally lay dormant during the day and can potentially be in a property for up to 6 months before you may see signs of them biting you.


Common bed Bug facts;

  • Usually found anywhere in bedrooms, within any dark harbourage (not just beds)
    They feed at night
  • Are able to survive many months without feeding (enabling them to lay dormant and unnoticed)
    Can only be carried into a premise
  • Severe infestations can cause anaemia

LPC Pest Control identify and treat the problem efficiently and effectively. One of our fully qualified NPTA technicians can be with you same day and advise you on steps you will need to take prior and after the fumigation to ensure termination. Our qualified technicians will discuss the most appropriate treatment after completing a free of charge survey.

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BBC News bedbugs1

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

“Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…” It’s long been a favourite rhyme to send children off to sleep. But with experts warning of a worldwide bedbug pandemic, will any of us be able to sleep once we’ve turned out the light, asks Tom de Castella.

Vampire fiction may be all the rage. But the true bloodsuckers after twilight are not charismatic updates of Dracula but tiny insects living in our mattresses.